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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  May 2, 2017 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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school district battles a move by one high school to secede. whooshroad rage in the school dropoff line in san francisco one mother in the hospital with stab wounds ... another claiming self defense "she looked like she was going to strike me....:whooshpoisonous rattlesnakes in the grass ... an unwanted byproduct of the beautiful weather: they love the heat. so they'll be out thereone bay area hiker, recovering in the hospital tonightwhooshwhat kind of dog do you want?call it tinder for would=be pet owners.the matchmaking app that will find your perfect four=legged soul're watching kron four news in prime time. (steve) now at 8. a packed now at 8.(steve) now at 8. a packed house in the east bay. as two communities debate over a divisive issue...whether to break away from the mount diablo school district.(steve) thank you for joining us i'm steve aveson.(vicki) and i'm vicki liviakis in for pam moore is a hot
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button issue...with passionate opinions on both sides.(steve) the proposed "northgate unified school distrcit" would include a 5 schools serving forty two hundred students. (vicki) tonight contra costa county education officials got a chance to hear from the public about the plan.kron 4's charles clifford is live for us tonight in concord with details. charles. . . on tuesday evening, those in favor of the proposed northgate unified school district and those opposed to it made their cases here before the contra costa county board of education. earlier this year a petition, with more than six thousand signatures, was submitted to the contra costa county board of education requesting that a new school district, the northgate unified school district, be carved from the existing mount diablo school district.mount diablo is made up of 56 schools serving more than 32 thousands students. it covers a large portion of the east bay stretching from martinez to walnut creek. pleasnant hill to clayton.the proposed northgate district would separate away the 4200
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hundreds students at northgate high school, foothill middle school and three elementary schools. supporters say that they are unhappy with the way mount diablo is run.sotwe have stayed for 40 years and tried to make it better and it's to big. mt diablo does not address the needs of the communitythe mount diablo school district administration, including superintendent nellie meyers, strongly opposes the plan.sot we believe our students will not be served as well if five schools leave. we believe we can provide more programs and more support for less funding. the proposal has generated passionate feelings on both sides. some opponents of the plan have accused organizers of wanting to create an affluent new school district. something that supporters of the plan flatly deny.sotnone of that is true. this is not about segregation. we are following the boundaries set by the school district. tuesday's meeting before the county was only a public hearing, the proposal has a long road to travel before coming a reality. if the county approves the plan, it would have to get the blessing of state education officials and then be approved by voters.
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now to accommodate everyone who wants to speak on this issue, this public hearing will actually be continued tomorrow evening. in concord, charles clifford kron 4 news. (steve) thank you charles for that report (steve) breaking news tonight out the east bay. where police are looking for a missing autistic teenager. richmond detectives are looking for 16 year old ramon garcia. he was last seen around 2 this afternoon walking from richmond high school. police say ramon is mentally challenged but is bilingual in english and spanish. he is five foot eleven. weighs around two hundred and five pounds. and was last seen wearing dark gray shirt and dark gray shorts. if you see him please contact police. (vicki) in san francisco a mom uses a knife to defend herself outside an elementary school. (steve) it was following a road rage incident.. and as she told kron-4's haaziq madyun...she used the
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weapon because she believed that she and her small child were in danger. lizzett hasbon is describing what happened tuesday morning after she was involved in a minor traffic accident near sheridan elementary school in san francisco's lakeview district at that point she says she reached for a knife that she travels with for protectionshe says
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that the woman confronting her did not appear to care that a child was in the car and that made this mom feel even more threatenedshe says what happened was she used a sharp object to defend herself she says that she never used the weapon. she feels bad that she had to use it today.
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about the 15 year old boy who was shot in killed in the city's outer sunset yesterday afternoon. the san francisco medical examiner has identified the victim as reajohn jackson of daly city. he was a sophmore at jefferson high school. this is video of the young teen as he was loaded into an ambulance sometime after 12-noon monday. police say the 15 year old had been driving a white pontiac at sunset blvd and kirkham when he was shot. several bullets were left in the side of the car. jackson was pronounced dead at the hospital. he was just a funny guy always laughing and stuff always made other people laughit's just sad and stuff it just sucks to know that his life was taken so fastpolice have not released information about any suspects in this case other than they were in a separate vehicle.investigators are looking into this being more of a targeted incident rather than a random act. (vicki) the man accused in the mass killing of seven people in oakland pleaded no
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contest today. one goh is accused in the shooting rampage at oikos university five years ago. the plea deal came only two weeks after doctors ruled him competent to stand trial. his plea deal calls for him to receive seven consecutive life terms in prison. plus 271 years to life. he will be sentenced in july. (steve) sizzling spring temperatures today. another day of warm weather in the bay area.(vicki) kron-4's chief meteorologist brittney shipp joins us now.. brittney is the heat going to stick with us? .hot conditions today as ridge apex shifts inland. tomorrow will be another hot today as the ridge begins to exit into the great basin. a modest cooling trend will start on thursday as coastal stratus returns. cooling trend continues friday into saturday when a slight chance of showers is forecast as an upper low approaches the region. locally windy conditions can also be
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expected over the weekend. (vicki) the warm weather is beginning to melt a record- setting snow-pack in the sierra. (steve) good for
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our water supply. bad for swift moving swollen rivers...and people who want to cool off in them. grant lodes is here with the snow-pack impact. (grant) two women ran into trouble on the american river in sacramento county today...when their raft flipped in fast moving water. they were rescued...anfter clinging to a bridge. water levels in many rivers are higher than normal after a relentlessly rainy winter. and now with the snow melting...those rivers aren't expected to settle down anytime soon. one raft rental company has a message for people who want to get in there and cool patient in the name of safety. ian owens/outfitter"so we've got a huge snowpack that is going to be kind of delaying the season, probably at least for us until possibly early june.""if they want to wait just a month or 2 , they'll probably enjoy it a lot more. it's just really fast water and cold."(grant) and then there's the
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merced river in yosemite. the melting snow-pack there is expected to cause that river to crest tomorrow...about a foot above flood stage. ( vicki) a 47-year-old man from santa clara is in serious but non-life threatening condition at a hospital after being bitten by a rattlesnake yesterday afternoon. it happened in fremont at the mission peak regional preserve area. the california highway patrol airlifted the man to a hospital.. after he may have mistakenly put his hand on a rattlesnake he thought was a rock. the east bay regional park district says the warm weather is bringing the snakes out. hikers are now being warned to keep an eye out. chelsey barnes/hiker- "i usually walk looking down anyways and i was keeping a heads up for them. we saw a little, a little snake but not -- no rattlesnakes."//mark
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guinoo/hiker- "i just hike in the middle of the trail and stay away from the sides and the bushes."//bill moore/hiker- "you just have to watch out for them and, especially up in the rocks."( vicki ) in just the past week, the park district says there have been six reported rattlesnake sightings at east bay parks. the bite victim was given anti-venom and is expected to survive. (steve)oracle arena is rocking oracle arena is rocking the warriors kickoff round two of the nba playoffs. game one against the utah jazz just tipped off.kron 4's alecia reid is live at oracle tonight...where fans are fired up.alecia? talk to any warriors fan inside the arena tonight and they'll tell you, the utah jazz doesn't have a chance. you'd think this is going to be a blowout tonight, but only time will tell. we know the warriors always start off slow then build momentum throughout the's a packed house inside right are loud and proud as they cheer on their team. they believe this
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will turn out to be a 4they believe this will turn out to be a 4 game sweepagain we'll have to wait and's been 8 days since the warriors' last game, and players say they're ready.they take every game although coach kerr will be out for the rest of the playoffs, dubnation believes the team will continue to deliver like they always do.sotsotsotsot standupfans aren't giving the jazz any thought.they're thinking about a rematch between the cavs and the warriors.reporting from oracle.
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ahead at eight.. an east bay city tackling ongoing fire danger problems at homeless camps. why officials say shutting down the camps isn't the answer. plus. snatched from his home. the reward being offered for a missing service dog and next. the final arguments are being made against the accused killer of sierra lamar coming up ....we'll break down one of the main arguments the jury will consider.
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(vicki) it's been five years since morgan hill teenager sierra lamar vanished. now a jury will soon decide the fate of the man charged with her disappearance and murder.(steve) closing arguments are underway in the trial of antolin garcia
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torres. in the courtroom today prosecutors pointed at torres and told the jury sierra lamar is dead and that he murdered her. the d-a's case is based largely on d-n-a and forensic evidence. but the defense argues sierra ran away. and that evidence gathering by sheriff's deputies was sloppy.
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tomorrow. if convicted on all counts, garcia torres faces the death penalty. (vicki) for sierra lamar's family and their supporters, it has been five years of waiting for some sort of closure. catherine heenan takes us through the case from the beginning. natearly morning on a lonely rural road in morgan hillthis is where sierra lamar disappeared on march 16th, 2012 she was headed for the school bus stop just a few minutes walk from her home.that evening her mother got an automated call from the school that her daughter was absent. marlene lamar insists her daughter is not a runaway, whoever is out there, please please let her go. the next day, sheriff''s deputies began searching nearby fields. they discovered sierra''s cell phone in a field a couple of blocks away.and then her purse was found .... a juicy couture bag containing pants, a t=shirt and underclothes, all neatly folded.f=b=i agents joined the investigationdivers
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searched nearby reservoirs. missing kids advocate marc klaas mobilized hundreds of volunteers to comb through the surrounding piece of information is too smallall of their efforts proved fruitless.but away from the cameras, investigators already had a suspect.they began monitoring antolin garcia- torres twelve days after sierra''s disappearance.on may 8, sheriff''s deputies reveal they impounded a red volkswagen jetta with a distinctive black hood. "this car was seen in the general area where sierra disappeared." the car was owned by garcia-torres.police arrested him after his dna was allegedly detected on sierra''s belongingsdo we have a motive?nono motive, and no body.for the two years searchers combed the area for clues as court hearings were postponed time after time . finally in february of 20- 14....garcia torres pleaded ánotá guilty to kidnapping and murder.jury selection began in
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october of last year.the prosecution asked for the death penalty, (steve) east bay officials are considering ways to tackle an ongoing problem in oakland. homeless camp fires. in recent weeks there have been at least three fires. many happening close to major roads. now city fire officials say they may have to start regularly inspecting the camps. the city of oakland wants to go a step further. they say city sanctioned camps will have greater protections including 24 hour security and site management. they are also plans to regulate non- city sanctioned camps... that includes bathrooms and garbage services. officials add that shutting down the camps isn't the answer. because that only uses resources to move people around instead of tackling the issue. (steve)a beloved rescue mentor
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dog. . . gets rescue mentor dog. . . gets stolen from his castro valley home over the weekend.(vicki)now. . . authorities are looking for 3-year-old murfee. . . and are even offering a reward for his safe return.the german shepard was stolen from his owner's home on sunday. . . .police say murfee has helped to mentor hundreds of rescued german shepherd dogs . . . to help them learn proper socials skills before they moved onto their homes.a go-fund-me account has been set up for his last check. . . .it totaled almost nine- thousand dollars. (steve) a live look as the sun sets on another warm day.(vicki) the bay area has enjoyed some summer like temps. kron-4's brittney shipp joins us now with when it is going to cool down
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.hot conditions today as ridge apex shifts inland. tomorrow will be another hot today as the ridge begins to exit into the great basin. a modest cooling trend will start on thursday as coastal stratus returns. cooling trend continues friday into saturday when a slight chance of showers is forecast as an upper low approaches the region. locally windy conditions can also be expected over the weekend.
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ahead at 8. a new homeowner fights with unwanted pests who never moved out. (vicki) outrage at a texas university over a theme party some students are calling racially offensive.
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trt:17/ "want to meet your pet soul mate and rescue a dog or cat from a local animal shelter at the same time? well there's a new mobile app that uses artificial intelligence to try to match you with your perfect pet. i'm tech reporter gabe slate. that's comin up on kron4 news." ((gary sports tease))"coming up a little bit later in this broadcast. of course, first and foremost, we update you on the warriors and utah. the giants and dodgers. we'll have some a's highlights coming your way. bus night in sports. and kaepernck continues to do good work. a little bit later in this broadcast."
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this is neat you can meet your pet soul mate and rescue an animal from a local shelter that's what a new app promises using artificial intelligence
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and chat bots to match people with their perfect dog or cat. kron 4's tech reporter gabe slate shows us how it works shelterpal is kind of the "tinder for soon to be pet owners" a new app texting app can help you meet your pet soul mate and at the same time rescue a dog or cat from a local shelter. jarod reyes /twilio developer says: jarod reyes is with twilio, a tech company based in san francisco that is hoping to make a dent in those numbers with their new artificial intelligence app that using chat bots will match people with their perfect pet. they are a cloud communications platform that powers the messaging in some of the most widely used mobile apps like airbnb, open table and lyft... if you text the world "soulmate" or "shelter me" to the phone number (980) 477-3728 that will start your converation with twilios chat bots. you will be asked if you want a dog or cat.. your zip code. and then a series of questions to narrow down what you are looking for..
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gabe slate /tech reporter: jarod reyes /twilio developer says: then you will get a text back with a picture and information on an animal from a local shelter that fits your criteria.if you like the prospects of the match you can express your interest and set up a meeting with your potential pet.. if you're not feeling the result that came back you can just shelter me again and another animal will come up matching your likes you can keep doing that as much as you like for information on this sms based pet adoption app and the phone number to text to get your pet match look for my tech page on kron 4 dot com. wth your tech report gabe slate kron 4 news. ahead at eight.. a witness says she was just feet
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away...when the san diego gunman started his rampage. how the woman escaped. plus. fists fly as a vicious flight unfolds on a plane bound for los angeles. the bizarre outburst from one of the men involved and next. president trump sending mixed messages about his budget plan...after threatening a government shutdown.
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(vicki) mixed messages from president trump about the congressional budget agreement. today he declared the agreement a "clear win" for the american people.(steve) but he's also irritated that democrats are claiming victory.. since the white house had to drop a raft of priorities to get that budget passed through the senate... jason carroll reports from the white house.
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trump: "this is what winning looks like."president trump, facing conservative criticism on the budget bill, declared victory todaytrump: "after years of partisan bickering and grid lock, this bill is a clear win for the american people."despite a pair of tweets this morning, where the president said: "our country needs a good shutdown in september to fix mess!"q: "how can a shutdown be good?"mick mulvaney / director, office of management and budget: "the president wants to see washington better, get better, get fixed, change the way it does business."the white house pointing fingers -- claiming the democrats were the ones who wanted a shutdown and the president was not happy with how they were claiming victory in budget negotiations.mick mulvaney / director, office of management and budget: "the president is frustrated that he negotiated in good faith with the democrats and they went out and tried to spike the football and make him look bad."congressional leaders announced late sunday they had reached a deal to avert a government shutdown until september. the deal did include money for border
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security, but not specifically for a border wall, in part because gop leaders needed democratic votes to pass the bill.but the white house saying today funding will go toward enhancing an existing barrier on the southern border. trump: "any member of congress who opposes our plans on border security, and i know these folks did, is only empowering these deadly and dangerous threats and we will not put up with it and the public won't put up with it. " (vicki) the spending bill includes some victories for democrats... including áno cutsá to planned parenthood funding... a nominal cut to the e-p-a's budget... a $2 billion dollar áincreaseá for the national institutes of health (steve) a birthday pool party ended in terror when a man pulled out a gun and starting shooting.(vicki) the shooter killed a mother of three and wounded six others before police shot and killed him. police say the victims were randomly targeted by 49 year old peter selis.
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they say he was angry over a recent breakup. and called his ex-girlfriend during the attack so she could hear him shooting strangers. today a woman who just feet away from selis described the horror. (vicki) two vigils were planned for wednesday for victim monique clark. she was the mother of three children. (steve) another week. another horrifying airline issue caught on camera. grant lodes is here with the details on a fist-fight...on a plane headed to los a plane headed to los angeles. (grant) this was a flight
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from japan..headed to lax. "this guy's crazy"(grant) witnesses say the man in the red hawaiian shirt was drunk and started the problem.... a flight attendant desperately tries to separate the men.... you could hear a child wailing.... the man in the red shirt is finally coaxed into leaving and is led away...his shirt torn to shreds. he clearly doesn't want to go.. but finally things get quiet and the man in the dark shirt sits down again. and look what happens..... guess who comes and there are "more" punches thrown. we know tonight that the red- shirt guy is a 44-year-old american passenger who was arrested andcharged with assault. that's after he allegedly tried to choke a gate agent on his way off the plane...
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(vicki) a live look at the golden gate bridge. another day with sizzling temps on the books.(steve) it's part of a warming trend this week but kron-4's chief meteorologist brittney shipp is tracking changes ahead. .hot conditions today as ridge apex shifts inland. tomorrow will be another hot today as the ridge begins to exit into the great basin. a modest cooling trend will start on thursday as coastal stratus returns. cooling trend continues friday into saturday when a slight chance of showers is forecast as an upper low approaches the region. locally windy conditions can also be expected over the weekend.
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ahead at 8 backlash over a texas fraternity's themed party. the pictures sparking outrage among students. and next. one woman's dream home turns into a nightmare. what she discovered when she moved in.
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trt:09/ "one quickly turned into 3,4,5. today, it's six months later. now i'm about 95 snakes that i've found inside my house." (vicki)that was angie whitley. . . a single mom and nurse from minnesota. . . who spent years saving for her dream house.(steve)but that quickly turned into a nightmare. . . once she realized it was infested with snakes.several walk-throughs and an inspection showed no trouble. . .but that quickly changed after finalizing her purchase in october.whitley's basement has been torn apart. . .as pest control looks for an apparent garter snake den. . . housed somewhere under her property.she's already spent thousands of dollars. . . whitley hired a lawyer and will likely enter into arbitration with the home's previous owners.that will determine if fraud occurred during the home sale and who covers the costs. (vicki)in texas....some baylor university students are outraged and offended over the theme of a fraternity party. the theme of the party that
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took place over the weekend was "mexican". the outfits that some party-goers wore prompted other students to take action. students allegedly dressed as construction workers and maids for the mexican theme party at kappa sigma. a few pictures of the party have been circulating among the students. "even though they say that was not their intention you let those people into the party and by letting them walk through those doors you kind of stood with them. you thought it was funny. you thought it was appropriate. " protestors requested mandatory cultural sensitivity classes and a public apology from the fraternity. (steve)in sports... we will look in on how the warriors are doing in their playoff game... as well as the giants and dodgers...(vicki)and sonny gray returns to the mound for the a's... gary will let you know how he did... and bring you all the sports... coming up
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slowdowns raise the prospect that car companies may need to curtail production. general motors ford motor declines of 5.8% and 7.1% respectively compared with the same month last year. the slowdowns are sharper than expected, raising the prospect that u.s. car companies and their rivals may need to curtail production levels to avoid the type of price war that crippled the industry a decade iphone to pack wireless charging . . . new iphone said to support wireless charging provided by broadcom, jpmorgan says. broadcom's chips support both pma and qi wireless charging standards. earlier this year, however, apple joined the wireless power consortium, which backs the qi standard. that doesn't
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necessarily mean apple will support only qi. samsung is also a member of the consortium, and its galaxy smartphones support qi and pma. warriors-jazz game one of the western conference semi-finals pma.
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warriors-jazz game one of the western conference semi-finals right now... sonny gray on the hill for the first
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itme this season it would not be a good nightbottom 3rd/ scorelessbrian dozier takes gray deep to left for a solo home run 1-0 twinstwo batters latermiguel sano puts one all the way up on the view deck in center field a two-run shot 3-0 twinsbottom 4th/ 3-0 twinsjason castro solo shot off grauy onto the grass in center field 4-0 twins(gray: 6 ip, 5 hits, 4 runs)final: 9-1 twinsminnesota hit 6 home runs (3 off gray) giants 2nd of 3 games in dodger stadiumright now... orioles outfielder adam jones was besegied by racial taunts by some fans at fenway park in
8:48 pm
boston last night he said he was called the "n-word" repeatedly and had peanuts thrown at himbut tonight some better feelings as jones was greeted by the boston fans with a standing ovation hoping showing more of what is the mianstream attitude of red sox fansthe red sox beat the orioles 5-2 jones was hitless in 4 at bats
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last week the bay area sports hall of fame ensgrined its class of 2017 included in the five member group was the greatest beach volleyball player of all time kerri player of all time kerri walsh jenningshere is a snippet of the profile of the three time olympic gold medalist(sot: walsh jennings profile)"this bay area sports hall of fame moment is brought to you by toyota. let's go places. being surrounded by the stanford, by the giants, by the warriors, by beautiful art and culture, all that is the bay. so i feel like sustained excellence is a result of the people you surround yourself with.' and the san jose native has excelled at every level. after graduating from archbishop mitty as the nation's top recruit, it was on to stanford...where she won two national titles playing indoor volleyball. then, it was time to conquer the
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beach...and the world from athens to beijing to london, the duo of her and misty may- treanor....crushed all contenders and walked away with gold in three straight olympiads....never dropping a single match."winning in general, it's such a beautiful thing. that's always the goal, but the important part of it is the journey and the process of becoming great and staying great."with four olympic medals, walsh-jennings stands alone as the most decorated beach volleyball player of all-time. but before she goes after more gold, she can soak up her moment in the bay area sports hall of fame. "this bay area sports hall of fame moment has been brought to you by toyota. let's go places." former 49ers quarterback turned social activist colin kaepernick is still doing good deedstoday kaepernick packed up a bunch of custom-made suits and headed to a parole
8:51 pm
office in new york citythe suits will be handed out to paroles so they have appropiate attire for job interviews as they try and become productive member of society a post by kaepernick's "know your rights camp" campain says the suits will make parolees "better equipped to achieve gainful employment" and "live more productive lives." this one is pretty bizarrea new york city man is honoring his life-lond friend by flushing his ashes at major league ballpark around the country.tom mcdonald and his deseased friend roy riegel were the two diehard baseball fans and childhood friends in queensmcdonald is flushing his friend's remains down toilets in ball parks across the
8:52 pm
country so far he has hit 16 major league stadiumsreigel was also a music fan so mcdonald also flushed some of his ashes at the rock and roll hall of fame in cleveland
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on september 9, 2010, pg&e learned a tragic lesson we can never forget. this gas pipeline ruptured in san bruno. the explosion and fire killed eight people. pg&e was convicted of six felony charges including five violations of the u.s. pipeline safety act and obstructing an ntsb investigation. pg&e was fined, placed under an outside monitor, given five years of probation, and required to perform 10,000 hours of community service. we are deeply sorry. we failed our customers in san bruno. while an apology alone will never be enough, actions can make pg&e safer. and that's why we've replaced hundreds of miles of gas pipeline, adopted new leak detection technology that is one-thousand times more sensitive, and built a state-of-the-art gas operations center. we can never forget what happened in san bruno. that's why we're working every day to make pg&e the safest energy company in the nation. the x-files... is the x-files... is next.then,
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we are back at 10:00 with the day's big stories, including people behaving badly, gary has sports and your four zone weather forecast with brittney shipp. it's the kron 4 news at ten ... right here on the bay area's news station. i no longer live with
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